California You’re Not Dreaming–Grass Painting Through The Drought

Posted June 17th, 2016 in General by Bill Schaffer

You paint your nails, you paint your house, you even paint your hair (tell the truth). Now, paint your grass. Grass painting is the latest thing in landscaping during a drought–you get the lush, green grass that enhances your home and landscaping while you’re being environmentally sensitive to water usage.

If you’re thinking your yard’s going to wind up looking like a hole at the mini-golf, think again. The compound used in grass paint is an organic combination of natural stone pigment, water, and a binder that holds it all together. You’ll have a natural green color that mimics a well-watered lawn, without the damage incurred by mowing and the water usage required for a typical lawn.

Grass painting is designed for dormant grass. When you opt for this way to keep your yard attractive, you not only lessen your water footprint but you also contribute to a healthier air quality if you let the grass die off and you don’t have to maintain it–no mowing, edging, or mulching to emit noxious gas fumes into the air. After you have the grass painted the first time, it dries completely within 24 hours, and last for several weeks. The trick is that your grass remain dormant, so you don’t water, it doesn’t grow, and you have the roots touched up every few weeks.

Let’s face it, California is basically a desert, so a drought isn’t surprising.  This one seems to be dragging on a lot longer than usual, so do your part to conserve water by painting your lawn. As a bonus, you get to let the grass go dormant so you don’t have maintenance. Contact us to learn more about our services for going green the easy way.

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