Going Green in California with Grass Painting

Posted November 17th, 2015 in General by Bill Schaffer

Grass painting is a new trend taking over California lawns where paint is sprayed onto the grass to bring back the lush green that everyone associates with the Golden State.

With the severe drought in recent years, not only are many residents limited in the amount of water they can use daily, but they also want to do their part to help conserve water.  Residents and companies in California face heavy fines for overuse of water.  This takes a toll on the lawns that were once beautiful, luscious, and green.

Brown Lawn Green has found a way for Californians to be accountable to their environment and enjoy a beautiful green lawn through grass painting. Through the process, you will be educated on how to make your lawn dormant, and the all-natural paint is sprayed on your lawn to bring back the vibrance it once had.

This paint is 100% safe for children and pets and dries within one hour of application.  It won’t wash off in the rain and typically lasts about 6 weeks after application.

Brown Lawn Green is completely eco-friendly and uses alternative fuel, fossil fuel, and solar power to charge and power vehicles and equipment. They are paperless and prefer that customers not print out invoices, but rather receive them through email, facebook, or twitter.  To say that they care for the California environment is putting it modestly.

To learn more about how Brown Green Lawn can help put your lawn into a dormant state, helping it to require less water and keeping it looking green, contact us.

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