Grass Colorant in Earthquake Country

Posted October 15th, 2015 in General by Bill Schaffer

The rest of the country may panic, but we Californians have a very casual attitude toward earthquakes. Yes, there are one or two that get our undivided attention every decade or so, but for the most part, we look up for a moment, shrug and get back to work. But in this era of seemingly endless drought, a new kind of earthquake is happening every day right under our feet. And there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.

The drought isn’t just about farmlands going fallow and forests going up in smoke. Homes and commercial buildings are feeling the effects of dry, crumbling subsoil, causing foundations to shift ever so slightly, resulting in cracked windows, doors that are out of alignment and door locks that are useless.

This isn’t the devastation of a major earthquake, but a slow degradation that goes unnoticed until you have to foot the bill for a building that is no longer safe and secure. And the prospect of heavy El Nino rains will aggravate the problem even more, turning what was left of the soil into a torrent of mud.

Hopeless as it may seem, there is a solution. Grass colorant isn’t just a way to make your lawn look pretty when it isn’t. Combined with a program of drought-sensitive lawn care, it protects dormant grass roots and stabilizes the subsoil which helps keep your commercial building or home on firm footing. And it’s far more economical than having to replace windows, realign doors and redo all the locks in a building.

BrownLawnGreen knows exactly how to make your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy without using a lot of water. Contact us for a personal consultation and quote on your home or business lawn needs.

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