Our Green Company

Sustainability. Accountability.

100% Eco FriendlyWhat makes California so beautiful? The sun? The weather? The beaches? For me what makes California so beautiful is the presence of a green, luscious landscape. The same green you find at a ballpark or on a golf course – was present on every front lawn my entire life in California.

In other states rocks, sand, and other landscapes in the front yard might work for them – but for California the green front lawn will always be one of the most appealing things about a home. In the face of this epic and devastating drought I asked myself how we could sustain this biological system – and still conserve water and protect our state.

After thorough research I discovered a way to bring back life to a dormant lawn. It’s been used for years by every groundskeeper of baseball, football, and soccer fields. Golf courses have mastered the technique as well. I wanted to not only be accountable for myself and my own water conservation – but help every Californian be accountable and still sustain the beauty you’ve all grown to expect and love in our homes front lawn.

More than that I wanted to ensure that in doing this I didn’t make an even larger carbon footprint. So, what makes our company Green?

Our products are 100% natural. The ingredients are: water, naturally occurring stone pigment, and natural oils that serve as binders.

  • We use only E85 alternative Ethanol fuel in our company vehicles.
  • We are completely paperless all records are kept in electronic format and we encourage you to refrain from printing them by emailing them to you or sending them to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts.