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It been said that a potential buyer makes a decision the second they lay eyes on the exterior of a home. Curb appeal is something I have no doubt you are all too familiar with. In fact, I bet just as you advise your clients on how to stage the interior of their homes, you advise them on curb appeal. California is in serious peril. The current drought in California makes it impossible for a homeowner to keep a beautiful green lawn that gives every home curb appeal. BrownLawnGreen can fix that!

Using all natural products we will turn a dormant lawn into something that looks alive, thriving and beautiful. We also offer bark painting in a variety of wood colored choices.

As an additional bonus, we will offer our services to your seller clients with no upfront costs. We don’t get paid until you do! As long as the house is on the market we will maintain and keep the curb appeal of the home and will accept payment when escrow closes.

Let us help you today!

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Did you know that Sacramento County issued $500.00 a day fines to water wasters last year? The drought has placed our region in serious peril. We must all conserve as much water as possible. Commercial Businesses are a direct target of county regulation officers.

California is cracking down on repeat water wasters.

Let us help you avoid costly fees (as much as $500.00 per day) by educating you on how to care for a semi-dormant lawn, cut back on water usage and still have a beautiful luscious green lawn.