Save Your Grass by Turning Your Brown Lawn Green

Posted June 17th, 2016 in General by Bill Schaffer

It is no secret that times are tough in California in regards to water.  Due to the drought, many people have had to sacrifice luxuries such as long showers and lawn care.  As a result, many people are turning to lawn painting in order to turn their brown lawns green. That said, the average person does not realize that this is not the only place where water is scarce.

While this has become a necessity for some, many people are now realizing the benefits of doing this as a regular practice.

  1. Weather: Most homeowners accept that their grass will die at some point during the year due to the cold season or the bad weather.  With lawn painting, this is no longer an issue.  You can have a beautiful green lawn year round without having to maintain it.
  2. Curb appeal: Whether at home or at work, a flourishing lawn gives a picture of success  and vitality.  This can also give a leg up to anyone trying to sell a home in a competitive housing market.
  3. Growth: Many people do not realize that grass painting is not simply a mask, but it can also help your lawn become healthier and prepare it for growth.  Most dyes actually contain small amounts of ammonia, causing the grass to turn to nitrogen for a fertilizer.
  4. Cost: Using lawn paint can save you money on lawn maintenance (aka mowing), water, and seeding. Many paints last up to 12 weeks and with the rate that natural grass grows, any homeowner would welcome the free time.

Lawn painting may have been born out of necessity, but it is quickly moving from a fad to a popular accepted norm.  Fortunately, Brown Lawn Green has the experience to make your lawn look as good as new.  Contact us today to get a quote as well as more information about all the services we offer.

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